About Domain Name Search and Registration
Steve Cosio will make the necessary searches to determine if your desired web address (URL -
www.yourname.com) is available. Once an available URL has been chosen, Steve Cosio will register your URL in your name. Steve Cosio will also assist with renewing your URL after the initial registration period has expired.

About Updates and Maintenance
Based on your input, Steve Cosio will update and maintain your web site on an as needed basis for a modest fee.

About Search Engine Registration
What good is a web site if your clients can't find you? Prospective clients may not find your web site if you are not listed on major search engines. As a part of managing your new web site, Steve Cosio will register your web site with the world's top three search engines — Google, Bing and Yahoo.

About Examples and Pricing
Click Here to see some web site examples designed by Steve Cosio. Contact Steve for pricing.

Let's Get Started
For information on how to get started, contact:
Steve Cosio
E-mail: info@IBuyTime.com

About Web Site Design and Layout
Using professional web page design software, Steve Cosio will input your artwork and text in a format that is satisfactory to your needs. Steve Cosio maintains a K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple, Steve) attitude. Simple, easy to read web pages download faster, which keeps the average "web surfer" at your site longer.

About Monthly Web Site Stats
Keeping track of how many people visit your web site is vital to the success of your business. Steve Cosio will email a monthly report to you detailing the amount of activity your web site achieved over the course of the month and consult with you on how to analyze or interpret the report.

About Web Hosting
Steve Cosio works closely with a very popular Internet Service Provider (ISP) to "host" your site.

Steve Cosio is an entrepreneur. Cosio's background includes radio production, public speaking, public relations, marketing, sales, graphic design and offset printing.

Cosio's public relations experience has landed his clients on the front page of newspapers and on dozens of radio and television talk shows.

Cosio is a former president of the Association for Home-Based Businesses (San Diego, CA), current president of Discover Historic Mansfield, Inc. (Mansfield, TX) and knows the needs of the small business person. For a more detailed account on Steve Cosio, click here to see his résumé.

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