Scott Welmaker — guitars, mandolin, bass, six-string banjo, vocals

Scott was born out on the West Texas plains, the son of a big band clarinetist who bought him a baritone ukulele when he was in the fourth grade. He started his first rock 'n' roll band—The Social Depression—in seventh grade. Modest success and a whole lot of fun followed with bands in Midland, Lubbock and San Angelo through high school and college.

In 1983 Scott got some friends together and formed The Shades in Midland who, after countless personnel changes, are still drawing crowds to this day. Playing with bands over the years in Tarrant County and in Tennessee, he settled in Mansfield and had the good fortune to cross paths with Steve Cosio.

Scott and Steve's repertoire has been expanding since 2009 and he hopes to continue for many more years because, as he said, "This is some kind of fun, I tell you what."

Friends of Scott & Steve

With Ian Anderson of Jethro Tull

With Joe Ely

With Rhett Miller of the Old 97's

Steve Cosio — guitar, flute, bass, harmonica, melodica, train whistle, vocals

Steve's love for music was evident in the first grade when he and his classmates made drums out of empty coffee cans. During one music session the teacher stopped and said to Steve, "You don't have to play so loud!" Steve had other ideas.

As a fan of Jethro Tull, the first instrument Steve learned to play was the flute. He played throughout college, whenever and wherever he could (even in the car while at stoplights). But, Steve wound up selling his instrument to start a disc jockey business and would not play flute again until 2012—some thirty years later.

A self-taught guitarist, Steve was asked in the mid-'90s to join a '50s/'60s surf rock band in San Diego, CA. called Johnny & The Moondawgs. It was the only band he would play in until he met Scott Welmaker.

In 2008 Steve would host monthly jam sessions in his home. The guys who attended had professional—CEOs and doctors—who were not looking to give up their day jobs for music. Steve had heard about a new guy in town (Scott) who was recently hired by the City of Mansfield. Steve sent an email to Scott and he started attending the jam sessions on a regular basis. When the owners of Steven's Garden & Grill heard about the jam nights, they offered their stage. Over the first year or so, guys came and went but the only ones that were consistent (and have been since 2009) were Scott & Steve.

With Dave Millsap

With Texas guitar legend Lloyd Maines

Scott with Delbert McClinton
(Steve took the photo)

With Michael Martin Murphey

With Terri Hendrix

With Sara Hickman

With Kelly Willis

With Ginger Leigh

With The Whiskey Sisters

With Patrice Pike
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